Optical data and the subjective values


Optical data and the subjective values

Perspective shapes perception and perception influences the value of information. 

“Optical Data and the Subjective Value” portraits data as an objective material while information is received subjectively. 

This interactive web visualization elaborates on Indonesia’s tourism and music venue data with 
the influence of each individual’s different perspective on the value of information. 

- sample data of Indonesia tourism


- sample data of music venues



1. Size and position 
The boxes in the work represent cities across Indonesia and the size of each box varies according to the number of visitors in each city.
Music venues are positioned by their location data. 

2. Numbering 
The music venues are numbered in distance relation to the more/less visited cities. 
The venues located closer to the more visited cities are ranked high because of strong possibility to be exposed to the visitors.
The low ranked venues are closer to the less visited cities. Those venues have less opportunities to be visited. 


Once a viewer selects one of the cities as his/her angle, the music venues will be repositioned in Z axis according to its distance to the selected view (city) . In this picture, New Maxim Night Club is ranked on 42 out of all. However, it is considered as the most valuable venue with this perspective because it is the closest one. 


 Another example, Solo Lounge, is ranked 239. but it moves forwards because it became the most valuable venue with Jakarata Utara city perspective. 


[shape changes]
The music venue data forms a shape together depending on the selected view. 


The numbers of music venues are data.
And music venues’ relative distance to the selected city (as perspective) is the values of information. 


OpticalData_001 from randomwalks on Vimeo.