unpredicted possibility : 예측불허 가능성


Project : Concept Design of kinetic sculpture for Advanced Institute of  Convergence Technology ( Seoul National University )
Project team : randomwalks, Anl studio, Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology

프로젝트 :  융합기술원 조형물 설치 컨셉 디자인
프로젝트 팀 : 랜덤웍스, Anl 스튜디오, 융합기술원

space, defined by the people and activities.

Identity. Is it given image or built one? This project is a concept phase design of Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology’s kinetic sculpture. It is supposed to be installed at main entrance of the building, which would be the first impression of the institute.Our approach to this kinetic sculpture design is
1st. reform / reshaped by the people (who are in the buildings) activities
2nd. dynamic movement.


[data : information architecture]
Therefore, we divided poeple’s activities into two layers :
1.normal activities happening between people (sound,distance,network)
2.project activities happening between labs (project details : assigned period, people who involved, labs combined)


[design -kinetic architecture based on sensing data]
Sliced frames hanging on the ceiling react to activities happened at engaged section.For example, the first frame engaged to seminar room 1, it moves according to how many people are in the room, sound they make, and how often/long logged in online system. And the height of first frame will be up/down depending on projects engaged to the room.
1. Rotating direction : three points (top,left, right) will be changed depending on captured normal activity data such as sound, distance between people, and network usage.
2. Height : each frame will be up/down depending on projects assigned. People can predict which labs do common research project by the heights of frames.


[3D rendered Image and design]